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The Ball Grant

The Ball Grant is a $1000 grant that's expressly designed for a writer who identifies as living in or emerging from a lower economic status.

The recipient of the first annual Ball Grant is playwright Antu Yacob!

Antu is an excellent playwright whose work exemplifies the type of artistic voice that The Playwriting Collective champions.  Her work is nuanced, resonant, and worthy of support.  To read more about Antu click here!

To read more about the finalists and semifinalists click here!

The window to apply to the 2017 Ball Grant is closed, the window for the next grant will open later this year!  For updates please visit us at

How to apply?  

Please email your materials to  In the subject please write "The Ball Grant - NAME OF YOUR PLAY"

Please send us 1 .pdf with these materials in this order:

1.) A letter of intent explaining why you identify as living in or emerging from a lower economic status

2.) A synopsis of your play

3.) A 10 page sample of your play

4.) Your resume

5.) Your full length play submission

Fundamentally we believe playwriting is an incredible tool of expression and one that isn't nurtured in America's poorest communities.  We want you to start a conversation with us in your letter of intent.  Tell us what you identify as a lower economic status and how this grant will help you.

If you have any questions please send them via the form below:


Success! Message received.

The Playwriting Collective has been organized to create artistic and theatrical productions, readings, and showings centered within supporting voices from lower-economic backgrounds and other marginalized communities.  The Ball Grant is financial resource dedicated to those lower class and marginalized writers and artists.

The Playwriting Collective intends to continually bring lower-class and marginalized artists into the broader network of art and theater in NYC.

If by some chance a suitable candidate isn't found - we reserve the right to extend the submission window until we do so.  We encourage you to send this opportunity to any friend, family member, institution, community center, church, and so on that would expand our outreach to people living in poverty.

Funding for the 2017 Ball Grant was supplemented by the contributions of these people and institutions which The Playwriting Collective would like to thank: The Actors Equity Association, Dixon Place, and the cast of the fundraising performance piece Godzilla Vs. My Ex-GirlfriendsStorm Garner, Alison Preece, Charlotte Pines, Remi Harris, Briana Femia, Nora Davis, Yeujia Low, Pauline Pechin, Elisabeth Ng, Kelly Kohlman, Jeano, Allison Castellano, Niki Hatzidis, Alex Dine, and Godzilla 

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