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Phillp Christian Smith's Jig*A*Boo

Seventy Five years after The Second Civil War, White Nationalists have taken over America, re-enslaved all remaining black people, de-educated them, deported all other minorities, and set back the rights of women.

In a future America where all blacks have been re-enslaved and most other minorities exterminated, Alan Young is the bright shining light of technology in America.  As he settles in to his new job in Chicago to create what could possibly be the greatest weapon of mass destruction ever invented, a new slave named Babyboy—a full grown man with the intellect and heart of a child— arrives in a Fed-Ex box in foam peanuts and turns the firm and Alan inside out.  Jig*a*boo alternates between slaves and masters working in a Chicago technology firm, and the exhibits at The National Museum for the Preservation and Appreciation of and for White Culture in America—PAWCA, until these worlds collide.

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