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The Ball Grant

The Ball Grant is a $1000 grant that's expressly designed for a writer who identifies as living in or emerging from a lower economic status.

The 2017 Ball Grant Finalists

Raine Grayson

Marlin Thomas

Desi Moreno-Penson

Nick Mwaluko

Sarah Loucks

Cherry Lou Sy

The 2017 Ball Grant Semifinalists

Sage Martin

Dianne Jones

Darcy Parker Bruce

Stacey R Rose

Alison Lewis-Weigand

Martha Patterson

Shane Strawbridge

Dayna Smith

Erlina Ortiz

Eboni Booth

Diana Burbano

Grace Connolly

Andre Jones
Benjamin Colon

Gina Young

Osiris Khepera

Shawn Nabors


The Playwriting Collective has been organized to create artistic and theatrical productions, readings, and showings centered around supporting voices from lower economic backgrounds and other marginalized communities.  The Ball Grant is a financial resource dedicated to those lower class as well as marginalized writers and artists.

The Playwriting Collective intends to continually bring voices from poor backgrounds into the broader network of art and theater in NYC.

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