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A night of short plays about class in America!

Sunday, January 27th @ 8pm

The Kraine Theatre - 85 E. 4th St.

new plays by:
Dennis A. Allen II, directed by Pete Boisvert
Kate Garfield, directed by Ben Ferber
Raine Grayson, directed by Michele O'Brien
Nico Grelli, directed by Janet Bentley
Amina Henry, directed by Molly Ballerstein
Judith Leora, directed by Melissa Skirboll
Katie Liederman, directed by Celestine Rae
Antu Yacob, directed by James Masciovecchio


New York Madness (NYM) is a community for emerging and established theatre artists. The company was started by a group of playwrights, all facing the same challenge as artists new to New York – how to meet fellow theatre makers.

Going from page to stage within one week with eight short plays written in response to a theme, Madness events create a unique cultural moment for diverse audiences and offer playwrights, directors, and actors opportunities to experiment with new work and cultivate professional relationships in a collaborative environment. NYM is committed to giving early-career writers and directors a chance to see their work onstage in front of an audience; there are no auditions or applications to participate in Madness.

Cast Featuring:
Stephan Amenta
Jen Anaya
Christian Appel
Demetrius Blocker
Matthew DeCapua*
Samantha Debecki
Andrew Dahreddine*
Tanya Everett*
Cary Hite*
Theodore Kerr
Octavia Kohner
Elizabeth Koke
Andy Lucien*
Michael Markham*
Jackie Maruschack*
Sara Thigpen*
C.L. Weatherstone
Lauren Wells
Morgan Zipf-Meister

*AEA Member

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